Swedish police stop Bill Murray in golf cart

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STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Bill Murray was stopped by Stockholm police Sunday and tested for drunk driving after he was found at the wheel of a golf cart en route to his downtown hotel, police said Wednesday.

Murray was brought to Norrmalm police station, in the north of the city, and given a blood test for alcohol after he refused to take a breath test, said station commander Jan-Olov Lundgren.

“He said in the United States you don’t have to do it (take a breath test),” Lundgren said. “He was very calm and friendly. No problem at all.”

Murray had been out with golfing friends who had played in the Scandinavian Masters tournament, Sweden’s Expressen newspaper said.

Lundgren said the American had been stopped while driving the golf cart from Cafe Opera, an upscale restaurant in the center of town, back to his hotel. A manager at Cafe Opera declined to comment.

Murray was nominated for an Oscar for his leading role in “Lost in Translation” and is the star of numerous comedy blockbusters, including 1980’s “Caddyshack,” which lampoons the world of country club golfing.

Lundgren said the blood test result would take 14 days. He said Murray had signed a statement admitting to having had alcohol and had been released.

Representatives for Murray could not be reached for comment.