FACTBOX: Main points in NATO summit communique

(Reuters) - Here are the main points agreed in a communique issued at a NATO summit in Bucharest on Thursday. Alliance leaders will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on the final day of the summit on Friday.


-- Membership invitations issued for Albania and Croatia; alliance commitment stated to invite Macedonia as soon as a row with Greece over its name is resolved.

-- No consensus on awarding Ukraine and Georgia a Membership Action Plan (MAP); but leaders agree they will be members one day.

-- Bosnia and Montenegro are awarded “intensified dialogue”, (ID) plans -- an early step on the way to possible membership. Alliance says it will consider any request by Serbia for ID.


-- The NATO-led Afghanistan peacekeeping mission is the alliance’s top priority. Alliance pledges “firm and shared long-term commitment” there.

-- NATO Kosovo force will remain in Kosovo “unless the U.N. Security Council decides otherwise”.

-- Experiences in Afghanistan and Kosovo demonstrate need for “comprehensive approach”, requiring cooperation with civil, military and political actors.

-- NATO “recognizes the value that a stronger and more capable European defense brings”.

-- Allies will “continue efforts to be able to deploy and sustain more forces”.


-- NATO welcomes “substantial contribution to the protection of allies” provided by planned U.S. missile shield in eastern Europe.


-- NATO will look to provide capabilities to aid allied nation in the event of a cyber attack -- if requested.

-- Alliance will look to see where it can add value in contributing to energy security.

Reporting by Mark John