Tibetans protest in Nepal as torch relay reaches Lhasa

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KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Hundreds of Tibetans protested outside a Chinese consular office in Nepal on Saturday, with many condemning the passage of the Olympic torch through Tibet.

“The torch relay through Lhasa is to show that Tibet is under the control of China,” said Tashi Lama, 32, in Kathmandu. “If China feels that the relay of the torch through Tibet will receive support from the Tibetan people then they are wrong.”

The torch procession arrived on Saturday at the Potala palace, the traditional seat of the Dalai Lama, the head of Tibetan Buddhism.

In Kathmandu, police said they detained about 400 protesters. Many scuffled with the police before being pushed into vans.

Around 20,000 exiled Tibetans live in Nepal. There have been protests nearly every day in Kathmandu since violence roiled Tibet in March.

Nepal considers Tibet to be a part of China, a key aid donor and trade partner, and does not allow any anti-Beijing activities.