Nokia signs 5G equipment deal with AT&T

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HELSINKI (Reuters) - Nokia has signed a five-year deal with AT&T to deploy a 5G network on the mobile operator’s C-Band spectrum in parts of the United States, the Finnish company said on Thursday.

Nokia said its portfolio for C-Band, meaning satellite transmissions in the 4-8GHz frequency range, includes support for different 5G networks, cloud-based implementations and Open RAN products.

U.S. wireless companies last month won $78 billion in bids in the government’s auction for a band of C-Band spectrum critical to next-generation 5G networks.

C-Band spectrum provides a good balance of both capacity and coverage, while also allowing rapid 5G rollout and fast introduction of services.

Nokia did not disclose the value of the agreement.

Reporting by Essi Lehto; editing by Jason Neely