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Cannes bans nudists after yacht club complains

PARIS (Reuters) - Authorities in Cannes have banned naturists from a public beach after the southern French town’s yacht club complained the naked bathers had begun to get out of hand.

Naturists have been tolerated for years on Palm Beach, which lies directly in front of the exclusive club.

But the yacht club said they had recently begun exposing themselves more visibly to club members, particularly in front of the restaurant’s windows.

“We organize sailing for children, we have a restaurant, but when the naturists get up from bathing they walk around naked,” a spokeswoman for the club said.

“Until now they were tolerated, they were quite discreet, but the problem that triggered the decision was that recently their behavior became more questionable.”

The town hall issued the order Monday banning naturism on Palm Beach.

“Naturists have been coming to the beach for years and this had provoked complaints, notably from the yacht club,” a Cannes town hall spokeswoman said.

First time offenders will now face a fine of 11 euros ($15), with more serious cases possibly earning a prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 euros.

Reporting by Joseph Tandy; editing by Philippa Fletcher