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Bobsleigh: Upbeat Jamaicans can't wait for their moment in the sun

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Reuters) - Jamaican reggae musician Chronixx has been providing the soundtrack to the country’s first women’s bobsleigh team at the Pyeongchang Games, not only serving as inspiration but underscoring some of the drama surrounding them.

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The Jamaican duo, pilot Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and brakewoman Carrie Russell faced some unwanted distractions earlier in the week when their German coach Sandra Kiriasis quit suddenly.

To top that, there was a dispute over the ownership of their sled and for a time it potentially looked like they could be left without one.

Fenlator-Victorian, however, has turned to music from Chronixx, who sang an ode to his homeland ‘Smile Jamaica’, to “keep the vibes light and heady” ahead of their first race on Tuesday.

“That Chronixx hits my soul every time,” Fenlator-Victorian told Reuters after their fourth training on Sunday where they were tied for 11th. “The sun is shining the weather is great and it’s bobsleigh.

“This is what I live for”.

There was no mention of Chronixx’s other hit ‘Here Comes Trouble’, which the team had been in earlier in the week.

Kiriasis’s departure temporarily shattered their hopes of emulating the 1988 Calgary Games men’s team whose performance spawned the popular movie “Cool Runnings”.

That was until a cool offer from Heineken’s Red Stripe beer to buy the sled put them back in the running.

“It’s the same one we’ve been using and Red Stripe came in to purchase it,” Fenlator-Victorian said.

“This is actually the first-ever owned Jamaican bobsleigh and we’re super excited for that.”

Reporting by James Pearson