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Gymnastics venue for Tokyo 2020 to be given longer lifespan

(Reuters) - Organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics announced that the planned temporary venue for gymnastics will be given a 10-year lifespan so that it can be used as a convention and exhibition center following the conclusion of the Games.

“In order to maximize the legacy, it has been decided that this venue’s lifespan will be extended by an additional 10-year period after the 2020 Games and will become a state-of-the-art convention and exhibition center, as required by the city of Tokyo,” spokesperson for the Tokyo Games, Hikariko Ono, said in a statement.

The venue will be situated in Tokyo’s Ariake area and will have a capacity to seat 12,000 spectators. It will also be in close proximity to venues hosting tennis, BMX cycling and indoor volleyball.

Ono also stated that “specific discussions about sharing of the budget” haven’t been held yet since the change in plan means that the budget of construction would be shared with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

“In April, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Organising Committee will sign the basic agreement, and based on that we will decide on the concrete sharing of responsibility and budget, that is our understanding at the moment,” Ono said.

Organizers aim to have 590 training facilities across the country for the participating athletes.

The Japanese capital also hosted the Olympics in 1964.

(Story corrects headline and intro to make clear venue will not be permanent).

Reporting By Arnab Paul in Bengaluru