Handball: Defending champions Norway find some consolation in bronze

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RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Defending champions Norway found some solace for not making it to the final in the Rio Olympics by overpowering orange-shirted Netherlands 36-26 on Saturday to take bronze in women’s handball.

While there was no third successive gold for Norway, the team’s fierce attack and solid defense soundly beat the Netherlands, a team which had never before qualified for the Olympics.

“It’s good to have a victory in the last match,” said Norway’s Marit Frafjord after the game.

“We were really disappointed after the semi-finals so we talked about putting it behind us to show each other and Norway and our coaches that we are better than we showed in the semi-finals.”

For Frafjord at least, there was even further consolation.

Her two other Olympic medals are at her mother’s and her boyfriend’s homes. This time, she added with a laugh, “maybe I’ll take it home for myself.”

France and Russia will square off in the final later on Saturday.

Editing by Nina Chestney