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Pakistan tests nuclear-capable cruise missile

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan successfully tested a nuclear-capable, air-launched cruise missile with a range of 350 km (220 miles) on Thursday, the military said, a day after India tested a long-range missile.

The Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) missile had been developed exclusively for launch from aircraft, a military statement said.

“It has enabled Pakistan to achieve a greater strategic stand-off capability on land and at sea,” it said.

The indigenously developed missile also had special stealth capabilities and could deliver all types of warheads with great accuracy, the military said.

On Wednesday, India tested a nuclear-capable missile with a range of more than 3,000 km (1,900 miles).

The South Asian neighbors, who have fought three wars since their independence in 1947, routinely test missiles in spite of a peace process launched in 2004 that has led to better relations.

Pakistan tested nuclear weapons in 1998, days after old rival India conducted similar tests.

Reporting by Kamran Haider; Editing by Robert Birsel