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FACTBOX: Developments in Gaza fighting, Jan 8

(Reuters) - Following are developments in the fighting in the Gaza Strip as of 2100 GMT:

(* Denotes new or updated items)

* DEATH TOLLS - The Palestinian death toll reached at least 765, according to medical officials. U.N. officials say many of these were civilians.

The Israeli death toll reached 13, including five soldiers in combat in Gaza, four in “friendly fire” incidents and three civilians and a soldier who were killed by militant rocket fire into Israel.

* GAZA - An officer in the elite Golani infantry brigade died during gun battle between troops and armed gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip.

* GAZA - An Israeli armored corps soldier was shot dead by a sniper as his head was exposed from within the safe confines of his tank in Gaza City.

* GAZA - A United Nations aid agency said it suspended its operations in the Gaza Strip because of the risk posed by Israeli forces in the territory. The decision followed the latest incident in which a U.N. convoy came under fire from an Israeli tank, causing the death of a driver. Previously the U.N. reported that two drivers had been killed.

GAZA - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said its officials and Palestinian ambulance workers found four starving children huddled with at least 12 corpses in Gaza in a house just 80 meters (yards) from an Israeli military position.

GAZA - An Israeli soldier was killed by an anti-tank rocket fired in Gaza, Israel’s military spokesman said.

GAZA - Three Palestinian women were killed in two Israeli air strikes, one near Khan Younis, and the other in Beit Lahiya, Palestinian medics said.

GAZA - Israeli soldiers shot and killed a truck driver and wounded another as they headed through the Gaza Strip to pick up U.N. supplies at a crossing with Israel, Palestinian medics said. There was no immediate U.N. or Israeli military comment.

GAZA - Tens of thousands of Palestinians fled their homes in southern Gaza along the border with Egypt, U.N. sources said.

GAZA - An Israeli air strike killed three Palestinian gunmen from the Islamic Jihad group, medical workers said, and wounded two others.

WEST BANK - Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man in a confrontation after an attempt to set fire to a petrol station at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, police said.

NORTHERN ISRAEL - At least three Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon struck in northern Israel, injuring two Israelis. Israeli troops responded with artillery fire. Israeli security forces heightened their alert and ordered Israelis into bomb shelters along the northern border area.

SOUTHERN ISRAEL - At least a dozen rockets fired from Gaza have struck parts of southern Israel, causing no injury, police said.

GAZA - Heavy air and tank bombardments of southern Gaza Strip and east of the city of Gaza overnight.

KHAN YOUNIS - Israeli air strike destroys the house of Mohammed al-Senwar, a senior Hamas commander in Khan Younis suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2006. No one killed, residents say.

KHAN YOUNIS - Several Israeli tanks advanced in southern Gaza Strip toward the outskirts of Khan Younis.

RAFAH - Sustained bombing overnight of the area along the southern Gaza border with Egypt where tunnels were used to smuggle goods and weapons into Gaza. Israel has said it intends to destroy the tunnel networks, thought to number in the 100s.

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