World's most expensive perfume at $215,000 a bottle

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Can’t decide on a present for someone who has everything? If money is no object a British company may have the answer - a $215,000 bottle of the world’s most expensive perfume.

A limited edition of the Imperial Majesty version of the fragrance called No. 1, which comes in a 500 ml (17 fl oz) Baccarat crystal container adorned with a 5-carat diamond set in an 18-carat gold collar, are available for the holiday season.

Created by British luxury company Clive Christian, it has been named the world’s most expensive perfume by Guinness World Records.

“The price included delivery in a Bentley,” Madalyn Bielfeld, a spokesperson for Guinness World Records, said referring to the luxury car.

Only 10 of the Imperial Majesty bottles have been produced and must be ordered in advance, according to the company.

“We designed it with the concept that price didn’t matter, just put in the very best that you can,” said Clive Christian, the creator of the fragrance who will be presented with the Guinness Record when the perfume is displayed in New York this weekend.

For shoppers whose budgets don’t stretch that far, a cheaper version of the scent, a mix of exotic ingredients including Tahitian vanilla and aged Indian sandalwood, is also available for $2,350 for a one-ounce bottle at Saks Fifth Avenue. The upscale department store will also sell a less concentrated spray for $865.

“For me, perfume is the absolute ultimate luxury,” Christian said.

Reporting by Naomi Kim; editing by Patricia Reaney