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Poland to transfer suspected Israeli spy to Germany

WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish court agreed on Wednesday to extradite a suspected Israeli spy to Germany in connection with the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai.

Polish authorities detained a man using the name Uri Brodsky at the Warsaw airport a month ago after Germany issued a European arrest warrant for the person responsible for fraudulently obtaining a German passport.

The document is believed to have been used by a member of a hit squad that Dubai says assassinated Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a hotel room in January on behalf of Israel.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied any role in the assassination.

Brodsky, who hid his face under a hood, was escorted into the courtroom by seven heavily armed policemen. He did not speak during the hearing.

“The ruling means that the court partially agreed with the German Federal Republic and decided that our client can be extradited to German authorities,” said Brodsky’s lawyer, Krzysztof Stepinski.

Brodsky has three days upon receiving a translated decision to appeal.

Dubai has accused Israel of being behind the killing and provided the names of more than two dozen alleged members of a team it says tracked and killed the Palestinian, using fraudulent British, Irish, French, German and Australian passports.

Mabhouh, born in the Gaza Strip, had lived in Syria since 1989 and Israeli and Palestinian sources have said he played a key role in smuggling Iranian-funded arms to militants in Gaza.

Australia, Britain and Ireland have ordered the expulsion of some Israeli diplomats over the use of fake passports in the assassination.

Reporting by Monika Pronczuk and Mateusz Pawlak; writing by Chris Borowski; Editing by Elizabeth Fullerton