Minister of what? Portugal culture minister wants to slap critics

LISBON (Reuters) - Critics of Portugal’s culture minister are calling on him to be fired for doing something, well, uncultured.

After being called “incompetent” and promoting a “work style of chronyism, domineering and rudeness”, Culture Minister Joao Soares reckoned it was time to slap two columnists at an influential newspaper.

“I see that I do have to find him (columnist Augusto Seabra), and now also Vasco Pulido Valente, to give them some sound slapping. It will be good for them. And for me,” Soares wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Sergio Azevedo, deputy bench leader for the main opposition Social Democrats, said Soares’ remarks were incompatible with the government job. “There’s only one way for him. Out,” he wrote on the same social network.

The original post garnered over 800 mostly critical comments with many calling for his resignation.

The ministry would not comment and Soares, son of former prime minister and presi4dent Mario Soares, was not reachable.

Reporting By Andrei Khalip, editing by Axel Bugge/Jeremy Gaunt