Rockslide kills one, hurts another beach camper in storm-hit Portugal

LISBON (Reuters) - At least one foreign tourist was killed and another seriously injured by a rockslide that hit their beach camp just off continental Europe’s westernmost point in Portugal as a result of a violent storm, authorities said on Thursday.

The person killed was a 23-year-old Brazilian man. An 18-year-old German woman was rushed to hospital by helicopter with multiple fractures, police said. Three other tourists from the same group were being treated for shock.

“The Maritime Authority has issued warnings in the last few days to avoid such areas because of the storms and rockslides ... These foreigners ... had the bad luck of having rocks falling right on their tent,” said harbor police commander Rui Pereira da Terra.

The group of five were camping out on the isolated Praia da Ursa beach, which lies beneath a 150-metre high cliff less than a mile north of Cape Roca, the western extremity of the Eurasian land mass on the Atlantic coast. The cape 40 km west of Lisbon, with its landmark lighthouse, is popular with tourists.

Most of Portugal was hit by a low pressure storm dubbed Gisele on Wednesday and early on Thursday.

Reporting by Andrei Khalip; Editing by Catherine Evans