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In case you missed it: Schedule of Reuters features from this week

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FILE PHOTO: Emily Holloway, 24, and Brian Sussman, 23, enjoy a meal together at an indoor table at Canela Bistro and Wine Bar as indoor dining in the Bay Area resumes after being closed for months due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in San Francisco, California, U.S. March 5, 2021. Picture taken March 5, 2021. REUTERS/Brittany Hosea-Small

Below are some stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background to help you understand world headlines. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

From Florida to ‘Frisco, Americans flock to movies, bars and ballparks after winter of worry

DUNEDIN, Florida/SAN FRANCISCO, March 8 - From the crack of the baseball bat in Florida to clinking of cocktails in San Francisco bars, the sounds of spring are in the air as Americans start to return to many of the beloved pastimes they were forced to abandon 12 months ago. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/USA-SPRING (PIX, TV), by Saundra Amrhein and Alexandra Ulmer, 884 words)

South Africa’s first female Black helicopter pilot teaches others to bust the glass ceiling

JOHANNESBURG, March 8 - South Africa’s first Black female helicopter pilot Refilwe Ledwaba has some words of advice for anyone who fears discrimination will prevent them from achieving their dreams. (WOMENS-DAY/SAFRICA-PILOT (TV, PIX), by Promit Mukherjee, 368 words)

Finnish startup eyes meatless schnitzel with new lab-made protein

HELSINKI, March 10 - A Finnish tech startup hopes to produce protein out of thin air and not much more, creating a plant-based product they can put into healthy drinks and yoghurts or even turn into a meatless schnitzel, the company said. (FINLAND-FOOD/AIR (PIX, TV), moved, 275 words)

Color-coded passage: Why smugglers are tagging U.S.-bound migrants with wristbands

PENITAS, Texas, March 9 - Along the banks of the Rio Grande in the scrubby grassland near Penitas, Texas, hundreds of colored plastic wristbands ripped off by migrants litter the ground, signs of what U.S. border officials say is a growing trend among powerful drug cartels and smugglers to track people paying to cross illegally into the United States. (USA-IMMIGRATION/BORDER (PIX, TV), by Adrees Latif, Laura Gottesdiener and Mica Rosenberg, 703 words)

‘Sell the house’: Latin Americans beg and borrow to pay COVID-19 debts

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ASUNCIÓN/LIMA, March 8 - Sandra Contreras, camped outside Lima’s Villa el Salvador hospital, is running out of funds to pay for her mother’s COVID-19 treatment, a sign of thin welfare systems around Latin America that are dragging many into debt and poverty. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/LATAM-POVERTY (FEATURE, PIX, TV), by Daniela Desantis and Carlos Valdez, 848 words)

How one small Pennsylvania pharmacy is vaccinating thousands

SCHWENKSVILLE, Pa., March 10 - Behind the counter of Skippack Pharmacy in Schwenksville, near Philadelphia, owner Mayank Amin has been working late into the night since his independent drugstore received state approval to administer COVID-19 vaccines in late January. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/USA-PHARMACY (UPDATE 1, FEATURE, PIX, TV), by Hannah Beier and Maria Caspani, 836 words)

A long Brexit journey to Rome’s Almost Corner Bookshop

ROME, March 10 - For the author of a book on lockdown life in Rome, it’s a 10-minute walk from his writing desk to his local bookshop. (BRITAIN-EU/ITALY-BOOKS (PIX), by Guglielmo Mangiapane and Barbara Lewis, 336 words)

WIDER IMAGE-Turkish olive farmer battles to save her land from coal mine

YATAGAN, Turkey, March 8 - Behind Tayyibe Demirel’s olive groves in southwest Turkey lies a vast, grey expanse, stripped bare by a coal mine eating into the rolling hillside. On the horizon, heavy smoke billows from three giant chimneys of the power plant by the town of Yatagan. (WOMENS-DAY/TURKEY-COAL (WIDER IMAGE, PIX, TV), by Umit Bektas and Ece Toksabay, 569 words)

In Kenya, speciality tea finds favour with health conscious consumers

NAIROBI, March 10 - Bella Gwada picks purple-tipped tea leaves at a farm in central Kenya early on a Saturday morning before moving to process, brew and taste the produce which had been harvested earlier. (KENYA-TEA/ (TV, PIX), by Donna Omulo, 266 words)

Ten years on, grief never subsides for some survivors of Japan’s tsunami

RIKUZENTAKATA, Japan, March 10 - When the tide finally receded, the world had changed. Trucks and houses had been swept aside like children’s toys, leaving the living to comb through a wasteland of mud and debris for their dead. Ten years on, the living are still searching, their grief never subsiding. (JAPAN-TSUNAMI/SURVIVORS (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX), by Mari Saito, 2237 words)


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