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Belarus sees no solution to Ukraine crisis without another summit

LJUBLJANA (Reuters) - Belarus sees no solution to the crisis between its neighbors Russia and Ukraine without another regional summit, the country’s Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said on Monday.

“I believe that for now there are no prospects for a solution to the Ukraine crisis,” Makei told a joint news conference with his Slovenian counterpart Karl Erjavec during a one-day visit to Slovenia on Monday.

“To solve the crisis the Minsk agreements would have to be respected, which unfortunately is not the case today,” Makei, who was speaking through an interpreter, said in reference to an agreement reached in the capital of Belarus in 2014 and 2015.

This was designed to ensure a ceasefire and long-term stability after the crisis which erupted at the start of 2014 when protesters ousted pro-Russian Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, prompting Russia to annexe Crimea.

Makei said another meeting between Russia, Ukraine and other participants in the crisis would have to be organized in order to solve the crisis.

Reporting by Marja Novak; editing by Alexander Smith