Oddly Enough

Couple pays $200 for "special" samosas

A pakistani man prepares samosas on the first day of Ramadan, in Islamabad July 11, 2002. REUTERS/Mian Kursheed

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A Dutch couple on a visit to the eastern Indian state of Bihar paid 10,000 rupees ($204) for four samosas, a spicy deep-fried snack that usually doesn’t cost more than a few rupees, a newspaper reported on Monday.

After the tourists ate the snacks, a stall owner at the Sonepur cattle fair last week told them his “special” samosas cost more because they were made of herbs and had aphrodisiac qualities, the Hindustan Times said.

After an argument, the couple paid the shopkeeper. But they later complained to a policeman.

Police forced the shopkeeper to return the change -- 9,990 rupees.