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Three teenagers arrested in fatal shooting at Seattle homeless camp

(Reuters) - Three teenagers were arrested on Monday in connection with a shooting at a Seattle homeless encampment where two people were killed and three wounded, police said.

The teenage boys, aged 13, 16 and 17, were taken into custody at a different homeless encampment and a gun was recovered, Seattle police said.

It was unclear if the teenagers were homeless.

They will be booked into a jail for minors and were facing possible murder charges stemming from the Jan. 26 shootings at a large homeless camp south of downtown Seattle, a police statement said. The notorious camp is known in Seattle as “the Jungle”.

The victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen and back, authorities said.

Police said after the incident they believed the victims were targeted over drugs and that two firearms were involved.

Seattle, like other West Coast cities including Portland and Los Angeles, has been struggling with a ballooning homeless problem and growing illegal encampments across the city.

Mayor Ed Murray has described conditions at the Jungle as “unmanageable and out of control for almost two decades.”

Reporting by Victoria Cavaliere in Los Angeles; Editing by Paul Tait