Shia LaBeouf gets into yet another bar fight

LOS ANGELES ( - At this point, if someone tells you a joke that starts, “So, Shia LaBeouf walks into a bar,” you can pretty much figure out the punchline.

Cast member Shia LaBeouf arrives for the premiere of "Transformers: Dark of The Moon" in Times Square in New York June 28, 2011. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

According to multiple reports, the hot-headed “Transformers” star got into a skirmish in Vancouver over the weekend, throwing down with a couple of bar patrons while partying in the city’s Granville Street club district.

A witness told website RadarOnline that LaBeouf was “obviously pretty intoxicated,” and that the ugliness began at approximately 12:30 a.m. Friday, when LaBeouf and a fellow patron -- identified only as “Mike” -- had a heated verbal exchange at the Cinema Public House.

Nightclub security separated the pair before things could get physical. However, according to reports, when Mike emerged from the club, he saw the 25-year-old actor heading for a cab. At which point, he did the only reasonable thing, ripping his shirt off and pummeling the 25-year-old actor to the ground.

” took a few punches to the face,” the witness said.

As the actor lay defeated on the ground, a couple of Good Samaritans came to his aid, but apparently LaBeouf even had a problem with that -- the witness said that the actor went off on a stranger who was attempting to soothe him, launching into a rage so extreme that he had to be held back.

“The guy had to tell him something like ‘calm down or I’ll have to lay you out,’” the witness recalled. “Then Shia just put his hands up and gave up.”

This is far from the first time that LaBeouf -- who’s in Canada to film “The Company You Keep,” a Robert Redford-directed thriller about a former Weather Underground activist on the lam -- has succumbed to alcohol-related tumult.

In July 2008, the actor was arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving after he was involved in a Los Angeles car accident that flipped his truck and crushed his hand. (Though LaBeouf’s license was suspended for a year, he was ultimately found not responsible for the accident.)

This February, LaBeouf got into a physical altercation with another patron at Sherman Oaks, Calif. bar Mad Bull’s Tavern. While LaBeouf took a punch to the face and both men were detained by police during that dust-up, no arrests were made.

LaBeouf’s representative did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on this latest reported skirmish.