Slovenian comedian rocks with Putin parody; Trump to follow

LJUBLJANA (Reuters) - Two weeks after posting his latest parody on YouTube - a satire on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s machismo - Slovenian actor and comedian Klemen Slakonja has had more hits than his country has people.

Three million viewers - Slovenia’s population is only two million - have clicked on the 3-minute spot to see Slakonja, as Putin, singing “I run this freakin’ show”.

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He rides a horse bare-chested, defeats a series of chess players, organizes “Winter Olympic Games in 40 degrees”, tranquilizes a tiger, and dances in ballet-style tights with a prominent bulge in front.

“I want to connect people so that the people who love it, who love the person I portray, love the video. And the people who hate the person I portray also love the video,” Slakonja says of his song “Putin Putout”, which is in English.

Slakonja, 30, whose main job is acting at the prestigious Slovenian National Theatre, hopes that the numbers on YouTube could lure sponsors into supporting #TheMockingBirdMan, his project to impersonate world-famous people.

He has already done Pope Francis. Next up are U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Reporting By Boris Kavic, writing by Marja Novak Editing by Jeremy Gaunt