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Spanish court orders release on bail for Catalan parliament speaker: El Pais

Carme Forcadell, Speaker of the Catalan parliament, arrives to Spain's Supreme Court to testify on charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds for defying the central government by holding an independence referendum and proclaiming independence, in Madrid, Spain, November 9, 2017. REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

MADRID (Reuters) - A Spanish Supreme Court judge on Thursday ordered the Catalan parliament speaker be released on bail of 150,000 euros ($174,615) pending an investigation into her role in Catalonia’s banned push for independence, El Pais newspaper reported.

A court spokeswoman declined to comment.

The speaker, Carme Forcadell, and five regional lawmakers testified on Thursday on charges of sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds.

Spain’s prosecutor had previously requested jail for Forcadell and three lawmakers summoned to the Supreme Court and the release of two others on certain conditions.

Reporting by Jesus Aguado; Editing by Angus Berwick