Factbox: Swedish election - parliament seats by party

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Swedes voted in a general election on Sunday with preliminary results showing no party or bloc would win a majority and no clear answer to which parties will be able to govern without support from the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party.

With votes in all but two of 6004 districts counted, the distribution of the 349 seats in the new parliament will look as follows (previous number of seats in brackets):

Social Democrats 101 (113)

Green Party 15 (25)

Left Party 28 (21)

Center-left bloc (Soc Dems, Greens, Left) 144 (159)

Moderates 70 (84)

Centre Party 31 (22)

Liberals 19 (19)

Christian Democrats 23 (16)

Centre-right bloc (Moderates, Center, Liberal Christian Democrats 143 (143)

Sweden Democrats 62 (49)

Reporting by Stockholm Newsroom; editing by John Stonestreet