Top Swedish union launches 'mansplaining' hotline for workers

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - One of Sweden’s largest trade unions has launched a hotline for workers to complain about “mansplaining” - men explaining condescendingly to women - in a one-week initiative to highlight the problem.

Unionen, which has some 600,000 members in the private sector, said the hotline is aimed at “recognizing and countering domination techniques like mansplaining in their workplaces”.

Politicians, artists and comedians will answer phones on the temporary hotline, which both men and women are invited to call.

Last week Stockholm city council caused a stir with its “gender-equal snow plowing”.

Snow plows usually focus on clearing snow from city roads, which officials said benefited car drivers who were mostly men. The Stockholm initiative concentrated on clearing snow from pavements and cycle lanes - typically more used by women.

However, last Wednesday saw one of the worst snowstorms for years in the city and the roads were chaotic, leading to heavy criticism from Swedes that the policy was a failure.

Reporting by Daniel Dickson; Editing by Alistair Scrutton and Louise Ireland