Microsoft hails revamped goggles as more immersive and easy to wear

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BARCELONA (Reuters) - Microsoft unveiled the latest version of its HoloLens augmented reality headset on Sunday, promising wearers would feel more immersed in the augmented reality experience and more comfortable.

Slipping on the carbon fiber goggles is as “simple as putting on your favorite hat”, Microsoft developer Alex Kipman told a launch event at the mobile industry’s biggest trade fair in Barcelona.

Augmented reality devices overlay images as holograms on to a user’s real-life field of vision, aiming to improve efficiency at businesses ranging from doctors’ offices to factory floors.

Microsoft showed off how the HoloLens 2 can track eye movements, and allow wearers to feel as though they can touch and manipulate holograms - playing a hologram piano and changing the speeds on a hologram windfarm installation.

The devices were also attached to hard hats for construction workers.

Reporting by Isla Binnie; Editing by David Holmes