Romney dodges question of being McCain's VP

DENVER (Reuters) - Republican Mitt Romney dodged questions on Tuesday as to whether he might be picked as presidential candidate John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

Romney, speaking to Fox News Channel’s “Neil Cavuto,” maintained a poker face when asked if McCain had selected him.

McCain is widely expected to name his vice presidential pick as early as Friday.

“I’ve got nothing for you on that front,” said Romney, who was in Denver providing rapid response to the Democratic National Convention.

Romney lost a sometimes bitter Republican primary battle against McCain earlier this year and has been a vocal advocate for him ever since.

If he is selected, Romney sounded ready to go to battle against Democratic vice presidential running mate Joe Biden. The two No. 2 candidates are to debate in October.

“Sen. Biden seems to be an impenetrable thicket of words,” Romney said, a jab at Biden’s tendency toward loquaciousness.

Reporting by Steve Holland; editing by David Wiessler