US-TRANSCRIPT: Locker-room conversation about Barry Bonds

Documents unsealed by a U.S. Federal District court on Wednesday include a transcript prosecutors say links baseball star Barry Bonds to steroid use. Lawyers for Bonds, who goes on trial next month on charges he lied about steroid use to a grand jury, says the locker room conversation fails to make a clear and convincing link.

Following is the transcript, which prosecutors say was between Greg Anderson, Bonds’ former trainer, and Steve Hoskins, an old friend and associate of Bonds. Hoskins recorded the discussion in 2003 in a San Francisco Giants baseball team locker room, according to prosecutors.

WARNING: Please note the transcript includes expletives and may not be appropriate for all readers.

Hoskins: You know, um, when Barry’s taking those shots, Dr. Ting said that one of, one of the basketball players…. he’s was taking them shots, and doing it in his thigh….and he’s…oh s***…it’s f*****’ ….

Anderson: Oh, I know. Yeah, you can’t even, you can’t even walk after that.

Hoskins: Yeah, no, he said he had to go in and graft his…

Anderson: Oh yeah, you know what happened? He got uh…

Hoskins: He must have put it in the wrong place.

Anderson: No, what happens is, they put too much in one area, and what it does, it ‘ill, it ‘ill actually ball up and puddle. And what happens is, it actually will eat away and make an indentation. And it’s a cyst. It makes a big f*****’ cyst. And you have to drain it. Oh yeah, it’s gnarly…Hi Benito… oh it’s gnarly.

Hoskins: He said his shit went….that’s why he has to, he had to switch off of one cheek to the other. Is that why Barry’s didn’t do it in one spot, and you didn’t just let him do it one time?

Anderson: Oh no. I never. I never just go there. I move it all over the place.

Hoskins: Yeah, that’s why he was like … (laughs) he was like, tell Greg if he’s puttin’ it in one f*****’ place, to tell him to move that shit somewhere else.

Anderson: Oh, no, no, no. I learned that when I first started doing that shit….sixteen years ago…because uh…guys would get a gnarly infections…and it was gross…I mean, to the point where you had to have surgery just to get that f*****’ thing taken out.

Hoskins: What if they decide that…I think, didn’t they say they’re going to test…um…they don’t know. They’re not testing the players yet. They’re just doing random shit. So they’re just going to get a percentage. And then after they figure out the percentage…then if it’s high enough, then they’ll do whatever.

Anderson: Well, what, what I understand is that, what they’re doing is they’re…um…they’re they did 25 players, random, supposedly, in spring training.

Hoskins: Oh, so you don’t even…

Anderson: And then, so those guys have already been tested twice. They got tested, then a week later they got tested again. Same guys. So what happens is, is those guys are pretty much done for the year.

Hoskins: Okay

Anderson: They don’t ever have to get tested again. Now supposedly, there’s gonna to be three guys…excuse me, not three…one hundred and fifty guys tested during, random during the season…Which he’s going to be on that list, easy….

Hoskins: Oh yeah, definitely.

Anderson: So, in that…after…but they’re going to test him once, then test him again. And then after, he supposed to be…

Hoskins: But do we know?

Anderson: Do we know when they’re going to do it?

Hoskins: Yeah. Does he know?

Anderson: I, I, I have an idea. See I gotta…, where, where the lab that does my stuff, is this lab that does entire baseball…

Hoskins: Oh okay. Oh the same…

Anderson: Yeah. So, they…I’ll know…I’ll know like probably a week in advance, or two weeks in advance before they’re gonna do it. But it’s going to be in either the end of May, beginning of June. It’s right before the All-Star break definitely. So after the All-Star break…fucking, we’re like fucking clear as a mother.

Hoskins: Okay, so what you want…so they’ll…the guys from Major League Baseball….so baseball will tell, you’ll know when they’re gonna do it, but you don’t know exactly if it’s gonna be him.

Anderson: Right.

Hoskins: Or will you know…

Anderson: He may not even get tested.

Hoskins: Right, that’s what I’m saying.

Anderson: Because it’s supposed to be computerized.

Hoskins: But we just know if….he’s gonna be….

Anderson: He’s gonna be. But the whole thing is…everything that I’ve been doing at this point, it’s all undetectable.

Hoskins: Right.

Anderson: See, the stuff that I have…we created it. And you can’t, you can’t buy it anywhere. You can’t get it anywhere else. But, you can take it the day of and pee…

Hoskins: Uh-huh.

Anderson: And it comes up with nothing.

Hoskins: Isn’t that the same shit that Marion Jones and them were using?

Anderson: Yeah same stuff, the same stuff that worked at the Olympics.

Hoskins: Right, right.

Anderson: And they test them every fucking week.

Hoskins: Every week. Right, right.

Anderson: So that’s why I know it works. So that’s why I’m not even trippin’. So that’s cool.

… (End of transcript)