UPDATE 1-Speculative U.S. 10-year T-note net shorts hit lowest since Nov -CFTC

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    March 24 (Reuters) - Speculators' net bearish bets on U.S.
10-year Treasury note futures fell to their lowest since
November on renewed safe-haven bids for bonds in doubts about
U.S. President Donald Trump's ability to deliver his economic
agenda, according to Commodity Futures Trading Commission data
released on Friday.
    The amount of speculators' bearish, or short, positions in
10-year Treasury futures exceeded bullish, or long, positions by
100,354 contracts on March 21, according to the CFTC's latest
Commitments of Traders data.
    A week earlier, speculators held 194,392 net short positions
in 10-year T-note futures.
    Ten-year T-note futures rose to their highest in three weeks
on Wednesday on concerns the struggle Trump and top Republican
lawmakers encountered to pass a House bill to replace the
Affordable Care Act portends similar problems to enact tax cuts,
looser regulations and infrastructure spending.  
    On the other hand, speculators raised their net shorts in
Eurodollar futures to another record high with more than three
million contracts, as Federal Reserve officials reiterated their
expectations for more rate increases later this year.

    Below is a table of the speculative positions in Treasury
futures on the Chicago Board of Trade and in Eurodollar futures
on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the latest week:
 U.S. 2-year T-notes (Contracts of $200,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long         221,200        207,280
 Short        379,677        370,921
 Net         -158,477       -163,641
U.S. 5-year T-notes (Contracts of $100,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long         369,353        348,813
 Short        685,147        705,884
 Net         -315,794       -357,071
U.S. 10-year T-notes (Contracts of $100,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long         607,230        610,939
 Short        707,584        805,331
 Net         -100,354       -194,392
U.S. T-bonds (Contracts of $100,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long          88,662         87,785
 Short        142,674        150,033
 Net          -54,012        -62,248
U.S. Ultra T-bonds (Contracts of $100,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long          56,556         54,508
 Short        131,332        131,873
 Net          -74,776        -77,365
 Eurodollar (Contracts of $1,000,000) 
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long         396,578        331,192
 Short      3,405,660      3,311,414
 Net       -3,009,082     -2,980,222
 Fed funds (Contracts of $1,000,000)
        21 Mar 2017       Prior week
 Long         159,022        159,489
 Short        367,128        352,202
 Net         -208,106       -192,713
 (Reporting by Richard Leong; Editing by Diane Craft and Chris