RPT-FACTBOX-List of Chinese firms designated by U.S. as military-linked, along with subsidiaries

 (Repeats item first published on Friday with no changes)
    By Donny Kwok
    HONG KONG, Dec 11 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's administration has drawn up a blacklist of alleged
Chinese companies linked to the military, drawing condemnation from Beijing and escalating tension between the two
world's largest economies.
    While inclusion on the list did not initially trigger any penalties, a recent executive order by Trump will bar
U.S. investors from buying securities of blacklisted firms from November 2021, placing a cloud of Chinese companies'
increasingly important role in global stock indexes.
    By the middle of this year China's weighting in MSCI's Emerging Markets Index had hit about 41%, compared with
17.3% at the end of 2010.  
    Index provider S&P Dow Jones Indices said on Thursday it would remove mainland-listed A-shares, Hong Kong-listed
H-shares and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) of 10 Chinese companies from its index products following a Trump
administration executive order.
    Last week, FTSE Russell said it would remove eight Chinese firms from its products to comply with the U.S.
executive order.
    Rival index provider MSCI Inc had said previously that its products would "reflect any necessary changes"
depending on U.S. law. 
    The table below includes the companies on the Department of Defense list of “Communist Chinese military companies”
as well as their subsidiaries listed in mainland China, Hong Kong and in the United States, though it excludes private
non-listed units.
 Company                         Listed unit                  HK-listed    Shanghai-listed  Shenzhen-listed  NY-listed
 Aviation Industry Corporation   AVIC Electromechanical                                                      
 of China (AVIC)                 Systems Co Ltd                                                              
                                 Avic XiAn Aircraft Industry                                                 
                                 Group Co Ltd                                                                
                                 AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Co                                                   
                                 Ltd AviChina Industry &                                                         
                                 Technology Co Ltd                                                           
                                 AVIC Capital Co Ltd                                                         
                                 Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation                                                     
                                 Industry Co Ltd                                                             
 China Aerospace Science and     China Satellite                                                             
 Technology Corporation (CASC)   Communications Co Ltd                                                       
 China Communications                                                                                        
 Construction Company                                                                                        
 China Mobile Communications     China Mobile Ltd                                                                   
 Group China National Chemical                                                                                     
 Engineering Group Co Ltd                                                                                    
 China National Nuclear Corp     China National Nuclear                                                      
                                 Power Co Ltd                                                                
 China National Offshore Oil     CNOOC Ltd                                                                          
 Corp (CNOOC)                                                                                                
 China Nuclear Engineering &                                                                                 
 Construction Corporation                                                                                    
 China Railway Construction                                                                                  
 Corporation (CRCC)                                                                                          
 CRRC Corp China Spacesat                                                                                              
 China North Industries Group    NORINCO International                                                       
 Corporation  (Norinco Group)    Cooperation Ltd                                                             
 China Shipbuilding Industry     China Shipbuilding Industry                                                 
 Corporation (CSIC)              Co Ltd China Shipbuilding Industry                                                 
                                 Group Power Co Ltd                                                          
 China State Construction Group  China State Construction                                                    
 Co Ltd                          Engineering Corporation Ltd                                                 
                                 China State Construction                                                              
                                 International Holdings Ltd                                                  
                                 China State Construction                                                    
                                 Development Holdings Ltd                                                    
 China Telecommunications Corp                                                                                      
 China United Network            China United Network                                                        
 Communications Group Co Ltd     Communications Ltd                                                          
                                 China Unicom (Hong Kong)                                                    
 Dawning Information Industry                                                                                
 Co (Sugon) Hangzhou Hikvision Digital                                                                                  
 Technology Co Ltd                                                                                           
 Panda Electronics Group         Nanjing Panda Electronics                                                   
                                 Co Ltd                                                                      
 Semiconductor Manufacturing                                                                                           
 International Corp (SMIC)                                                                                   
 Sinochem Group Co Ltd           Sinochem International                                                      

 (Reporting by Donny Kwok; Editing by Vidya Ranganathan and Simon Cameron-Moore)