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FACTBOX-U.S. companies suspend political donations after Capitol attack

 (Adds PepsiCo)
    Jan 15 (Reuters) - A number of large U.S. companies, including AT&T Inc,
American Express and Dow Inc, have said they would cut off campaign contributions
to those who voted to challenge President-elect Joe Biden's victory, with
Republicans in the U.S. Congress facing growing blowback from Corporate America.
    Here is a list of companies along with their actions in response to the
Capitol assault.
       Company                                   Action
  American Express    Halts donations to lawmakers who opposed Biden certification
     AT&T                  Suspends donations to lawmakers who opposed Biden
  Dow Inc                 Suspends contributions to all lawmakers who opposed
                        certification of the presidential election                   Suspends donations to lawmakers who voted against Biden
  General Electric    GEPAC board voted to suspend donations to those who voted to
                                  oppose the electoral college results
    Comcast Corp      Suspending contributions to U.S. lawmakers who opposed Biden
  Best Buy            Stops providing campaign contributions to the 147 members of
                        Congress who objected to certifying the election results
      Marriott        Suspends donations to lawmakers who voted against certifying
  International Inc         President-elect Joe Biden's victory             
       Verizon        Suspends political contributions to members of Congress who
   Communications      voted to object to the certification of electoral college
     Airbnb Inc            Withholds support from those who voted against the
                          certification of the presidential election results 
 JPMorgan Chase & Co     Will pause all contributions from its Political Action
                      Committee (PAC) for at least the next 6 months             
 Goldman Sachs Group     Pausing political funding, considering new strategy in
     Inc                 response to last week's violence, according to sources
    CME Group Inc       Will suspend all political contributions through PAC for
                                    foreseeable future             
 Wells Fargo           PAC will pause political contributions for the foreseeable
                      future to review strategy at the outset of the new Congress
                                    and administration             
     BP                Employee group suspends campaign donations for six months,
                             will re-evaluate support criteria             
 Citigroup Inc           Intends to pause its contributions during the quarter,
                             according to memo seen by Reuters             
 Ford Motor Co          Suspends all donations as it reviews events of last year
  Nike Inc              PAC will not support any member of Congress who voted to
                          decertify the electoral college results             
 Biogen Inc              Suspending all political donations to allow a thorough
                       review of its political contribution criteria and policies
   Alphabet Inc's            Temporarily suspends donations to both parties
 Facebook Inc                Temporarily suspends donations to both parties
   Microsoft Corp            Temporarily suspends donations to both parties
   Archer Daniels     Suspends new political donations, reviews donation policies
 Midland Co                                               
  Walmart              Suspends contributions to U.S. lawmakers who opposed Biden
  State Street Corp      Will not support lawmakers or candidates who undermine
                               legitimate election outcomes             
 Hallmark Cards Inc     Requests Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Kansas Senator
                            Roger Marshall, both of whom objected to Biden's
                          certification, to return all campaign contributions
  Aon Plc                Confirms it has ended its relationship with the Trump
   Signature Bank      Called for Trump to step down; Trump's ethics disclosures
                      show he has checking and money-market accounts at the bank 
    Deutsche Bank         Will not do business in the future with Trump or his
                                 companies, the New York Times reported
     Stripe Inc          Stops processing payments for Trump's campaign website
 Union Pacific Corp    Will temporarily suspend donations to Democrats as well as
  Smithfield Foods     Will temporarily suspend donations to Democrats as well as
  Johnson & Johnson   Pauses all political contributions, has not made any federal
                              political contributions in 2021             
   Bank of America    Will halt all PAC funding decisions in the immediate future
   PepsiCo            Suspends all political contributions while conducting a full
                       review to ensure they align with the company's values and
                                shared vision going forward             
 Tyson Foods           Temporarily suspending all PAC activity while the company
                           reviews and considers the events of the past week
     Visa              Temporarily suspends all political donations             
      Raytheon                  Pauses all PAC contributions             
   Leidos Holdings       Leidos' PAC decides to temporarily pause all political
      GoFundMe           No longer allows people to raise money for travel to a
                         political event where there is risk of violence by the
  DoorDash              Has communicated its outrage with RAGA and made it clear
                          that it expects immediate action. Co has paused its
                          engagement with the organization until it feels that
                         appropriate steps have been taken to address the issue
 Major U.S. insurers     Chubb Ltd        , Metlife Inc        , Liberty Mutual
                       Insurance, Prudential Financial Inc         and Travelers
                         Companies Inc         are re-evaluating or temporarily
                        stopping political donations.                          
   Lockheed Martin    Not making political contributions, continues evaluation to
    Corp                ensure political donation and engagement program remains
                           aligned with its business priorities             
  Boeing Co              Not making political contributions at this time, will
                            continue to carefully evaluate future political
  Expedia              Suspends all political contributions at the federal, state
                       and local levels as it reevaluates approach moving forward
 CBOE Global Markets     PAC is temporarily pausing all donations             
  Nasdaq                PAC will pause political donations for the next several
   Hilton             Will not be making political donations and will keep its PAC
                                         suspended indefinitely
     BlackRock            Will temporarily suspend donations to Democrats and
                                           Republicans alike
     Charles Schwab   Will discontinue PAC and no longer accept contributions from
   Corp                  employees or make financial contributions to lawmakers
 (Reporting by Praveen Paramasivam, Arundhati Sarkar, Trisha Roy, Akanksha Rana
and Noor Zainab Hussain in Bengaluru; Editing by Sherry Jacob-Phillips, Amy Caren
Daniel, Devika Syamnath and Vinay Dwivedi)