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Iran's Karoubi says Ahmadinejad govt illegitimate

EDITORS' NOTE: Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on their ability to report, film or take pictures in Tehran. Iranian presidential candidate Mehdi Karoubi gestures to protesters gathered at the Ghoba mosque in northern Tehran June 28, 2009. REUTERS/via Your View/Files

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Defeated presidential election candidate Mehdi Karoubi said he did not see the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as legitimate, a statement posted on his party’s website said.

The statement of the pro-reform cleric, who finished fourth in the disputed June 12 election, was published after Iran’s top legislative body on Monday confirmed Ahmadinejad’s election victory and dismissed opposition complaints of irregularities.

“I don’t consider this government as legitimate and I will continue my fight ... using every means and I’m ready to cooperate with pro-reform people and groups,” said Karoubi’s statement, which was posted late on Tuesday.