FACTBOX: Contaminated candy, milk, desserts pulled across Asia

(Reuters) - The number of Chinese infants sick in hospital after drinking tainted milk formula has leapt to nearly 13,000, and countries across Asia have introduced bans and stringent checks on China-made milk products.

Here are some details on reactions across the region:


-- Three Chinese powdered milk brands, Sanlu, Suncare and Yashili, have been taken off the shelves in Bangladesh.

-- Melamine tests will be carried out on all milk powder imports at Bangladeshi ports.


-- All Chinese milk products banned by Health Ministry, even though Brunei does not directly import dairy products from China.


-- Burundi banned the import and sale of Chinese milk products on Saturday, along with another Central African state, Gabon.


-- Twenty-two companies named in contaminated formula scandal. (See FACTBOX for a list of the companies).

-- Coffee chain Starbucks pulled milk from Mengniu Dairy from its 300 outlets in China.


-- All Yili products including milk, ice-cream, ice-bars, and yoghurt products, recalled on Thursday.

-- Nestle milk powder taken off shelves by some supermarkets after a newspaper reported it contained melamine. The Swiss food group says it is confident its products are melamine-free. However its Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk tested positive for the toxic compound, officials at the territory’s food safety centre said.

-- “Nissin Retort Pouch Cha Cha Dessert”, which contains a Yili milk product, recalled by Nissin Foods Company Limited after testing positive for melamine. Canada has also recalled imports of the boxed Chinese dessert mix from Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.


-- Checks will be stepped up on imported milk products, though no reported imports from affected companies.


-- Japan’s Health Ministry has asked 90,000 companies to check imported products, including processed foods, for melamine contamination, the government said on Monday. Any contaminated products will be banned.

-- Marudai Food Co. Ltd withdrew five types of buns made with milk imported from China’s Yili dairy firm.


-- Has banned all Chinese milk imports. Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said on Friday that Malaysia only imports dairy products from Australia and New Zealand.


-- Milk products from China are being randomly tested. The Philippines will ban them if melamine contamination is found, the health minister said on Monday.


-- White Rabbit Creamy Candy, a popular Chinese brand milk candy, pulled from shelves after being found to be contaminated with melamine on Sunday.

-- On Friday, the city state banned the import and sale of milk products from China after finding melamine in two China-made products -- “Dutch Lady” strawberry flavored milk, and “Yili Brand” dairy fruit bar yoghurt flavored ice confection.


-- No melamine found in products containing China-made powdered milk in tests by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.


-- All China-made dairy products banned on Sunday, a milk testing station set up for consumers in Taipei on Monday.

-- Local firm King Car Group recalled 120,000 boxes of China dairy products on Sunday, after eight types of items containing milk powder, including an instant soup and seven flavors of powdered coffee drinks, tested positive for melamine.


-- Thailand says it has not imported any baby milk products from the Chinese companies named in the scandal.

-- Tests on imported powdered milk have not found any melamine, the Food and Drug Administration said last week.


-- Vietnam has stepped up health checks. Inspectors have found no contaminated Chinese milk products so far.

Source: Reuters

Compiled by Gillian Murdoch; reporting by Beijing newsroom and Darren Schuettler in Bangkok, Bill Tarrant in Kuala Lumpur, Manolo Serapio Jr in Manila, Bappa Majumdar in New Delhi, Jon Herskovitz in Seoul, Kevin Lim in Singapore, Ralph Jennings in Taipei and Naoto Okamura in Tokyo