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Two civilians killed in U.S. operation in N.Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A woman, a child and two gunmen were killed by U.S. forces conducting a military operation targeting al Qaeda in northern Iraq, the military said on Sunday.

It said U.S. forces fired on a car carrying suspected militants that refused to stop near the northern city of Mosul on Saturday.

“Coalition forces fired three warning shots, but the driver refused to stop and one man made threatening movements from inside the vehicle,” the military said in a statement.

“Coalition forces responded to the perceived threat and engaged the vehicle.”

It said a woman and a child in the vehicle were killed, along with the two armed men.

The military said it regretted the deaths of civilians.

Iraqi and U.S. troops launched a major offensive in northern Iraq on Saturday against al Qaeda militants in the region.

Writing by Dean Yates, Editing by Sami Aboudi