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Sarkozy says Lebanon must pick a president on Monday

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The Lebanese parliament must pick a new president on Monday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday, warning that any country which intervened to prevent a deal would be isolated on the international stage.

“Monday is the day of the last chance. France appeals to all parties, internally and externally, to work so that Lebanon can get a president of unity and consensus,” Sarkozy told a news conference following a European Union summit.

“France has been committed like no other country to help Lebanon sort out its difficulties, but Monday is the last chance,” he added.

After weeks of wrangling, pro- and anti-Syrian camps in Lebanon have agreed to nominate army chief General Michel Suleiman for the presidency, which has been vacant since November 23, but a full deal is not yet certain.

Reporting by Mark John, Writing by Crispian Balmer