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Prosecutors open probe into Paris attack on Jew

PARIS (Reuters) - Prosecutors in the French capital opened an investigation on Tuesday into an attack on a teenage French Jew that they described as anti-Semitic.

The young man, identified as Rudy Haddad by one Jewish organization, suffered a fractured skull and broken ribs when he was attacked on Saturday after a fight broke out between young Jews and youths of African origin in north-east Paris.

The injured 17-year-old is still receiving hospital treatment.

“The anti-Semitic circumstances are unquestionable,” Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin told reporters, adding that insults such as “dirty Jew” were used.

Five youths were detained after the attack and the public prosecutor’s office recommended that they be formally questioned about their role.

The Union of French Jewish Students originally said the victim was attacked because he was wearing a kippa (skullcap), but the police concluded he was involved in the fight and was unable to flee in time.

President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned the assault on Sunday as he began a three-day visit to Israel.

Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said she was deeply disturbed by the incident. adding that an investigation would be launched to determine the circumstances of the attack.

Reporting by Thierry Leveque; Writing by Tamora Vidaillet; Editing by Andrew Dobbie