Interpol says Colombia FARC documents authentic

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Interpol, the international police agency, said on Thursday documents found on Colombian rebel computers were authentic but would not confirm Colombian charges that Venezuela and Ecuador supported the guerrillas.

Colombia invited Interpol to do forensic tests to ensure the three laptops and other hardware were not manipulated after Colombian troops found them at a rebel camp where they killed a top commander of the Marxist FARC guerrillas.

“Interpol concludes there was no alteration,” Interpol chief Ronald Noble said through an interpreter at a Bogota news conference. “Our role has nothing to do with the content.”

Colombia says computer archives and documents show Venezuela and Ecuador have aided the rebels. The leftist governments of Venezuela and Ecuador dismiss the accusations as a U.S.-backed campaign to discredit them.

Reporting by Patrick Markey in Bogota; edited by Saul Hudson and John O’Callaghan