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INSTANT VIEW: Irish voters approve EU's Lisbon reform treaty

(Reuters) - Irish voters have given resounding approval to the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty in a referendum, Prime Minister Brian Cowen said on Saturday.

The treaty, which would streamline decision-making in the 27-country EU and give it more global clout, needs the approval of all member states to go into force.

The official result of the referendum is due around 1630 GMT.

The following are reactions from politicians, analysts and business representatives.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus:

“I fully respect the decision of the Irish.”

“It is another matter that this has a stain on it, that it is a repeated referendum, but the factual result -- it is a done thing, and there is nothing else to be said on that.”

On his next steps:

“The question does not exist today. Today I have a ban ... until the Constitutional Court releases something.”

Asked if he would sign in case of a positive ruling by the court, to which 17 Czech senators have filed a constitutional complaint against the charter:

“You are being too curious, I have to admit.”