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Tomorrow’s Europe

Get ready for the challenges facing Europe with expert opinion and thought leadership

With the prospect of Brexit edging ever closer, Europe is on the verge of a dramatic transformation. As the main creators of jobs and growth, all European businesses have a pivotal role in determining the make-up of Tomorrow’s Europe. Focusing on key topics ranging from FinTech to big data, our experts will help prepare you for the change to come.

A new operating system for the planet

Blockchain is on the cusp of revolutionising the entire way we do business across the world – so what does this mean for Europe? We get expert opinion from James Carlyle, Chief Engineer at R3, and Lee Braine from Barclays’ Investment Bank Chief Technology Office.

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Cyber crime is most serious threat to businesses

As technology becomes an ever more important part of business it also offers threats from attack and human error. We hear from Rachel Coyle MBE, Head of Corporate Intelligence at SRM consultancy, and Paul Gillen, Head of Barclays’ Cyber Security Operations Centre.

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Collaboration is key to success of crypto-assets

Fintech in the form of crypto-assets, AI, robotic advisers and front end apps are gaining traction in the banking and financial services industry. Get the inside track from Nicole Sandler, Global Head of Fintech Advocacy at Barclays, and Zeeshan Feroz, the UK CEO of Coinbase, a digital currency exchange.

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European populism is not yet an investable theme…

European populism is on the rise, with nationalist and far-right parties making significant electoral gains across the continent. Find out what the future holds with Dr Huw Macartney, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Birmingham, and William Hobbs, Barclays' Head of Investment Strategy.

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Financial services of the future

The impact of Brexit on the financial services and FinTech industries could end the UK’s dominance in these fields, creating opportunities for new hubs to flourish. Get expert opinion from Susanne Chishti, CEO & Founder of Fintech Circle & Co-editor of ‘The FinTech Book’, and Martin Griffiths, Barclays' Head of FinTech.

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Protecting data and your business

Europe is undergoing the biggest change to data protection laws for a generation thanks to GDPR. Understand how this seismic shift could benefit organisations in the future with Ardi Kolah, Director of the GDPR Programme and author of the GDPR Handbook, and Jon Rees, Managing Director and Data Protection Officer at Barclays.

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