Social enterprise: the future of organizations

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56% of business leaders realize that being a social enterprise is of growing importance...

...yet only 19% believe that their organization is a social enterprise leader.

Workers want to see their organization making waves in society, and they want to be part of that change.

Finding the right people is hard— keeping them can be almost impossible.

By providing workers with a renewed sense of identity at work, you'll give them a reason to stay.

Bringing meaning
to the workplace

Helping their
workers grow

Listening to
their workers

Social enterprises set themselves
apart by actively:

An organization must cater to a customer's needs, but the needs of its workforce—and the community they care about—are just as important.

Bringing meaning back to the workplace and human identity back to the worker

Social enterprise:
The future of organizations 



"Do you expect your organization to grow next year?"

Social enterprises are more confident

73% expect growth

Those who DO make social
enterprise a priority:

55% expect growth

Those who DON'T make social enterprise a priority:

53% of organizations
are putting programs in place
to listen more closely to
employees’ concerns.

Leaders in social enterprises
realize that worker identity is
absolutely essential to worker
satisfaction. This includes
how they feel toward
an organization that
supports their