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Fisher Investments Insights

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Investing is a complex and time-consuming endeavor for even the most experienced investors. Having seen many investors struggle to make sense of market movements over the years, Fisher Investments is excited to publish our insights through Reuters Plus to help put events and their impact on stocks in perspective. Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets for thousands of clients across Europe and North America. We’re excited to share the knowledge we’ve gained in this time to help investors, like you, meet their goals.

Why Fisher Investments Thinks Global Trade Policy Is Key for Investors

Global trade is a key source of political risk for stocks. Read this article from Fisher Investments to understand why.

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Fisher Investments gets to know each client on a one-on-one basis and tailors investment plans to each individual’s goals. Our clients also benefit from having a dedicated investment counselor—an investment professional who knows them by name and regularly analyzes their objectives to ensure their strategies are aligned with their financial needs in retirement. Investments counselors’ sole focus is providing industry-leading client service—they don’t sell financial products or earn commissions on trades in clients’ accounts.

Why Fisher Investments Thinks Retirees Shouldn’t Shun Stocks

Investors who rely too heavily on bonds may unwittingly increase the risk of running out of money in retirement. This article from Fisher Investments can help you understand how stocks may provide the growth you need in retirement.

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Portfolio management is handled by the firm’s Investment Policy Committee (IPC), under the leadership of Fisher Investments’ founder and legendary investor, Ken Fisher. The IPC, supported by a large research staff, analyzes global capital markets in search of investment opportunities across all sectors. Fisher Investments focuses on interpreting widely known information differently, and the firm’s against-the-grain philosophy has provided value to its clients over the decades. For more information on the impact of current events on your investment or retirement portfolio, return here regularly for Fisher Investments’ latest insights. You can also learn more about the retirement and investment planning services Fisher Investments offers by visiting

Fisher Investments’ Perspective on How Politics Affects Markets

Elections in any country—whether 2020’s US election or 2021’s scheduled European elections—come with heavy speculation that candidates can make-or-break financial markets. But this rhetoric often misses the fact that markets don’t care about the candidate. Markets care more about actual policy shifts and the degree to which any changes are better or worse than expected.

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Tempering the Taper-Tantrum Talk

Some investors already worry markets could suffer when the Fed slows it’s quantitative easing (QE) bond purchasing program—aka tapering. But as we saw in 2013, tapering doesn’t automatically stall the economy or upend the stock market. However, this time, watch out for another potential longer-term risk: an economy that overheats rather than implodes.

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The Greedy Behavior Fisher Investments Says to Avoid Now

Investors are increasingly feeling more optimistic— generally a bullish feature for stocks. But as that optimism spreads, watch out for these common and potentially costly greed-based investing mistakes.

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Fisher Investments on 2021 Global Politics

After a tumultuous 2020, global politics are shaping up to be a much quieter in 2021. While that relative calm should bode well for stocks, watch out for these select pockets of political uncertainty.

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Fisher Investments On Why Investors Shouldn’t Fret the Shape of Recovery

The economy is recovering much slower than stocks have. Is this a headwind for markets going forward? Read this article from Fisher Investments to learn how backward-looking economic data isn’t always helpful when navigating markets.

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Fisher Investments On How The Pandemic Shook Up Many Folks’ Budgets. Its End Will, Too

The pandemic lockdown may have shaken up your financial priorities. This article from Fisher Investments can help you adjust your budget to post-pandemic life.

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Diversification—a How-to Guide From Fisher Investments

Diversification. For generations, investment professionals have stressed its importance in managing risk while capturing long-term growth. But how can you tell if your investments are diversified enough? Fisher Investments shares some basic diversification tips you can use for your portfolio.

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Fisher Investments’ Perspective on Investing in China

Are you considering adding Chinese stocks to your portfolio? Read this article from Fisher Investments to learn the economic and political factors you should consider and what role Chinese stocks could play in your globally diversified portfolio.

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Investors Are Fighting the Last War, and That’s Ok for Stocks

As COVID-19 cases rise, some governments have ordered additional lockdowns to curb the spread. Could future widespread economic shutdowns cause a repeat of March 2020’s unprecedented bear market? In this article, Fisher Investments explains how stocks’ reaction to the second round of lockdowns could differ from the first.

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Style’s Significance in Stocks

Through 2020’s first three quarters, global growth stocks are up 18.9% while value is down -14.6%—with growth leading before the winter’s bear market, during the bear market and subsequently. Some see this as a sign that value is set to rebound—but does reality support that claim? Read on to find out.

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How Apple’s Stock Split Reveals the Dow’s Defects

The Dow Jones Industrial Average recently had a makeover—sending Apple from the top of the index to the middle, after its recent 4-for-1 stock split. Does this move change how you should think about Apple or the Dow? In this article, Fisher Investments reveals why Apple’s fall in the Dow exposes the index as a poor benchmark for market performance.

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Fisher Investments on October’s Crash-Prone Reputation

In terms of stocks, October has a spooky past—massive market drops happened during October of 1929, 1987 and 2008—all during bear markets. Should investors make investing moves in case October 2020 follows suit? In this article, Fisher Investments debunks the month’s crash-prone reputation and shows why investors shouldn’t let this myth influence their portfolio decisions.

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Why Fisher Investments Thinks Inflation Worries Are Premature

Could the Fed’s COVID-assistance programs lead to uncontrollable inflation? In this article, Fisher Investments sheds light on the Fed, “printing money” and how today’s pandemic-focused monetary policies could impact stocks and the economy.

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Fisher Investments on REITs

While Treasury yields are so low, some investors pursue REITs as a way to pursue assets offering a higher yield. In this article, Fisher Investments explains REITs’ pros and cons to help you decide if they are the right choice for your retirement portfolio.

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Disclaimer: Investing in stock markets involves the risk of loss and there is no guarantee that all or any capital invested will be repaid. Past performance neither guarantees nor reliably indicates future performance.