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How Grammarly Is Leading the Future of Effective Workplace Communication

AI-powered communication assistance is helping to build a more productive and engaged global workforce

Hybrid work has forced us to connect and collaborate in new ways, making clear communication more important than ever. Founded in 2009, Grammarly empowers tens of millions of individuals and tens of thousands of teams daily to communicate more confidently and effectively. Using natural language processing techniques and human expertise, Grammarly’s AI-enhanced communication assistance provides feedback to help people clearly articulate their ideas wherever they write. 

In a time when asynchronous collaboration is a primary way of moving work forward, effective communication can be harnessed as a competitive advantage from the boardroom to the classroom. Whether it’s companies boosting productivity and results, new hires building their reputation, or students getting their best grades, Grammarly supports people at any stage of their life.

“Grammarly’s mission is to improve lives by improving communication. We help people through

all walks of life and all phases of the communication lifecycle.”

- Brad Hoover, CEO of Grammarly

How AI-enhanced communication is shaping the hybrid workplace

With the surge in hybrid and remote work, communicating effectively has never been so important—or complicated. According to research from Grammarly and The Harris Poll, poor communication costs US companies up to $1.2 trillion annually—and impacts everything from productivity to employee morale to business growth.

Grammarly Business—the company’s enterprise offering—addresses this challenge by empowering teams to communicate more efficiently and consistently wherever they’re working. In addition to all Grammarly’s advanced suggestions, enterprise customers have access to team features—like built-in style guides, brand tone profiles, and custom text snippets—designed to help teams be more productive and on-brand in all their communication.

“From employees, I’ve heard their favorite feature is brand tones. They love the little emoji that tells them what their message is actually conveying and can make adjustments. So if they want to be friendly or professional, it helps them be better, more confident writers.”

- Rhonda Hughes, Global Head of Content, Social Media, and Customer Advocacy at Zoom

The software integrates into existing systems, acting as a coach that helps teams communicate more effectively right in their flow of work while improving their writing skills over time.

That builds confidence, leads to better connections, and drives real business impact. Enterprise teams regularly see productivity gains of 20% while creating a better experience for employees and customers.

“In 2022 so far, Grammarly has made over 10,000 suggestions based on our style guide and saved my team over 7,000 hours.”

- Rhonda Hughes, Global Head of Content, Social Media, and Customer Advocacy at Zoom

Bringing Communication Assistance to More Places

With collaboration taking place across a number of digital contexts, Grammarly aims to support people anywhere important writing happens. Grammarly for Developers invites developers to bring Grammarly’s advanced writing suggestions into any web-based application—a milestone on the company’s journey to empower more people worldwide through effective communication.

Supporting communication in new ways, Grammarly for Samsung Keyboard natively integrates Grammarly’s communication assistance to support writing outcomes while on the go. And Grammarly for Windows and Mac—the company’s flagship product offering—works across browsers and favorite apps like Slack and Discord.

As the way we work and engage with the world evolves, effective communication is vital to building productive relationships and driving impact. Grammarly continues to innovate to provide trusted communication assistance that helps people achieve results throughout their lives, wherever they need it. 

“We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible as we innovate on the user experience.”

-Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Global Head of Product at Grammarly

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