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Quantum Computing Emerges as Key to Solving Complex Business Problems

The world's first commercial quantum computing company which solves businesses’ most complex computational challenges.

There is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world of industry and even society. Forward-looking organizations are beginning to use it to achieve competitive advantage and to navigate around ever-growing complexities. Enter quantum computing. 

The invention of quantum computing is fuelling an explosion of algorithmic power that will reshape our world in the years ahead. With it, businesses will be granted opportunities to drive efficiencies, increase revenue, foster innovation and experience growth.

D-Wave is the only commercial quantum computing company so far in the world building both annealing quantum computing and gate-model quantum computers. It is aiming to deliver customer value for practical quantum applications and provide dynamic and efficient solutions for businesses as well as contribute to solving societal issues.

“Today we're solving real, important problems for businesses. But as we look to the future, the types of problems that we'll be able to solve will have sort of unimaginable impact, not only on business but also on society,” says Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave. “The D-Wave legacy will be that it was the company that enabled quantum computing for the world and enabled quantum computing to transform all industries to the betterment of society.”

As the first company to build a commercial quantum computer, D-Wave delivers quantum hardware, software, and services for leading businesses representing nearly every industry sector, including manufacturing, logistics, financial services, life sciences and retail. It's quantum and quantum-hybrid solutions combine the strengths of classical and quantum computing resources to tackle a myriad of challenges including supply chain optimization, protein design, investment portfolio optimization, employee scheduling, autonomous vehicle routing, machine learning model training and more.

One of the representative examples of the practical utilisation of D-Wave’s service is its success in improving efficiency for a well-known grocery company, Pattison Food Group. The high volume and fragmentation of Pattison Food Group’s stores, employees, and supply chains require accurate, effective, and comprehensive data management. “Our data scientists and data engineers did not have any previous experience with quantum computing, but with the help of D-Wave and a few days of training and using the quantum compute accelerators, they were very quickly up to speed on how to use the system,” said Chris Allen, Vice President of IT for Pattison Food Group. The optimized outcomes derived from quantum computing enabled the better deployment of the company’s services and more efficient business operations.

With a mission of unlocking the power of quantum computing to help solve the world's most challenging computational problems, the company firmly believes in the longer-term potential of quantum computing to drive revolutionary changes as well. “There are what I'll call revolutionary (quantum computing) applications, and these are things like global weather modelling for disaster prediction or designer drugs to address your set of ailments,” said Dr. Baratz. “These types of problems simply cannot be satisfied with today’s classical computing technology, and the eventual solutions to these challenges will be empowered with the addition of quantum computing.”

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