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Reimagining online entertainment to match our technological future

Combining cutting-edge technology with social sustainability, Parimatch Tech leads the way into the new age of online entertainment.

Throughout history, entertainment has been a part of human life, bringing excitement, drive, dynamics, and empowerment to people around the world. The game, sport, excitement, the heat of competition, support and cheering were and continue to be universally understood and always in demand. Yet, the digital era changes the way we think about fun – and Parimatch Tech is here to challenge the norm and bring in new ways and forms of online entertainment.

Having come all the way from an established B2C company to a leading B2B provider in the iGaming & entertainment industry, Parimatch Tech uses cutting-edge technology and social causes to drive the industry into its sustainable technological future. [1] 

Creating products that drive innovation and excitement

Modern entertainment companies need a lot of technology to operate; from something as overarching as AI models for decision-making to something as “little” as sending welcome emails to the customers. Those are all IT solutions. And that’s exactly what Parimatch Tech as a B2B company provides for its clients, combining extensive previous experience on the B2C side with excellence in IT development.

One of the key Parimatch Tech’s products is a sophisticated online entertainment platform that can seamlessly serve millions of users simultaneously. It allows the company to take a new approach to competition: instead of traditionally challenging others inside the iGaming industry, Parimatch Tech looks at the wider sector and allows its B2C clients to compete for the users’ time with other forms of online entertainment and leisure.

Next to Parimatch Tech’s own product line, the company offers a multitude of B2B services, the most prominent of them being BaaS (Business as a Service). Parimatch Tech is sure that this unique solution, which combines technology and people who manage both the tech and business sides of things, can transform the way of business in the industry, offering unprecedented scalability, development pace, and operational success.

Empowering people, communities, and societies

Parimatch Tech is certain that giving back to society is a crucial aspect of any modern business. So, the company promotes sustainability in numerous ways: from the creation of responsible products, using sustainable business practices, and supporting its employees – wherever across the globe they are – to engaging in important social initiatives like support for disadvantaged communities and children, promoting education and exercise. An important part of this social engagement is a non-profit organisation Parimatch Foundation, through which many of the company's social projects are implemented.

Transforming to answer the needs of the future

Parimatch Tech has never been afraid of change in order to stay true to its essence and best meet the challenges of the times. Today, the company continues this transformational path with development in the B2B segment. One thing is for sure: whatever comes next, Parimatch Tech is ready to take on the challenge and take it to the next level.

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