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Fedrigoni’s journey for Circular Transformation

Embedding sustainability as the key driver of development

Sustainable manufacturing in Paper and Self-Adhesives: how do we get there in practice?

Fedrigoni is a top global player in the production of high value-added specialty papers for luxury packaging and other creative applications, premium labels and self-adhesive materials. The Group currently has more than 4,500 employees in 27 countries and 48 facilities, including production plants, cutting and distribution centers and it sells and distributes 25,000 products in 132 countries. They operate in a complex and exciting ecosystem, from a wide range of printers, box makers and converters to brand owners, graphic designers and packaging experts.

Fedrigoni ESG Roadmap

In Fedrigoni Group, sustainability means making progress every day. Their mission is to elevate the brands and creativity of designers, converters, and printers in a sustainable way, sharing progress transparently and promoting circularity and partnership with the entire ecosystem. With a score of 88/100, the Group was awarded the Platinum Medal by the international ESG rating agency Ecovadis, entering in the top 1% of companies in the same industry worldwide for ESG performance. A result that rises to 100/100 in specific activities related to the reduction of environmental impact: -1.5% CO2 emissions against a 5% increase in production; 97% clean water returned to the environment (more than the target set for 2030); 89% industrial process waste recovered and not sent to landfill (from 84% at the end of 2021), and suppliers selected according to ESG criteria have risen to 88% (from 81% at the end of 2021).

Out of the five strategic imperatives that underlie Fedrigoni’s growth and transformation journey, three are solely focused on sustainability:

●     Providing premium and sustainable solutions, exploiting new adjacencies and mega trends, such as Plastic-to-Paper and RFID.

●     Serving customer needs through best-in-class operations, leveraging an agile, efficient and sustainable production footprint.

●     Leading the market by taking care of our people: attract, engage, develop, recognize and boost opportunities for everyone to collectively make a difference.

Reaching carbon neutrality

By 2030 Fedrigoni aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30%, a goal in line with the Science-Based Targets Initiative, while by 2050 to reach carbon neutrality. The Group is pursuing its targets through a focus on all the three scopes with their manufacturing process: direct and indirect emissions, and all other indirect emissions that occur in their value chain.   

Boosting a sustainable product innovation

Fedrigoni works to support customers in fostering their transition towards an increasingly circular and responsible business. From the research of more sustainable materials to the reuse of waste from customers' production processes; from the development of products to help brands in their plastic-to-paper transition, to designing mono-material solutions. They have drawn up an action plan to involve the entire supply chain and ensure maximum transparency in the procurement process, using only certified suppliers in line with their production methodology.

Taking care of people and communities

In the social sphere, the company is committed to creating an increasingly safe and inclusive work environment. Since 2020, the injuries frequency index has decreased by 35 percent (May 2022), making the 10-year target of -67 percent more than achievable. Fedrigoni is working to increase by 50% the percentage of managerial positions held by women. Moreover, the Group strives to promote an “active inclusion from the top” approach, focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The engagement of local communities is also a priority. The Festival Del Disegno is a yearly event with public workshops across 200 cities in Italy featuring hundreds of artists, designers and illustrators and involving thousands of families. The events are outfitted with a range of Fabriano products (a Fedrigoni historical brand) to encourage and enable creativity in the local communities while promoting the culture and power of drawing. The partnership with Inspiring Girls International aims to inspire young women to nurture their talent and break free from gender stereotypes, by bringing the success stories of Fedrigoni female role models into classrooms around the world. Since 2011 Fedrigoni Fabriano Foundation works to safeguard its collection of 2.000 sqm of priceless paper heritage and promote it to future generations. The Fedrigoni Wood in Caponago, Northern Italy, grows in an area surrounded by factories and freeways and is the first of a series of initiatives to create green areas near their plants. A gift of more than 1,500 native plants to the local community for a greener liveable context.

Their continuous and unwavering commitment guarantees that their sustainability goals are reached and exceeded. As CEO Marco Nespolo states “slowing down is not an option”.

Vision 2045 - Building on the momentum

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