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The Greenest Energy is the Energy You Don’t Use

The science is clear: we need to act on climate change today. We cannot meet the Paris Agreement goals without energy efficiency.

Learn more about how energy efficiency can fast-track the green transition.

Energy Efficiency Is The Key To Kick-Starting Climate Success

Improvements in energy efficiency are critical to meeting emissions reduction targets – and they are already making a difference.

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Danfoss CEO core priorities for energy efficiency

In order to meet Paris Agreement goals, energy efficiency will be key. Kim Fausing, CEO of Danfoss, tells us what he believes the three key concepts industry needs to embrace to become part of the green transition.

Denmark leading the world with green initiatives

Denmark's Minister for Climate and Energy, Dan Jørgensen, explains how Denmark is leading by example with energy efficiency. Such measures can make the industry more profitable and strengthen economies as well as allowing for more energy independence.

Sønderborg the 'energy efficiency capital' says IEA Executive Director, Fatih Birol

The Executive Director of the IEA, Fatih Birol, has hailed the success of the Conference on Energy Efficiency in Sønderborg. The town is a world leader in sustainability and Birol has dubbed it the 'energy efficiency capital' of the world.

New Zealand Energy Minister says energy not used is energy saved

Megan Woods, Minister of Energy and Resource for New Zealand, backs energy efficiency as a means to make energy more affordable. New Zealand has an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority whose job it is to get industry onto a decarbonization pathway.

Making energy efficiency the hot topic for the green transition

Understanding energy efficiency's role in the green transition is crucial according to Alexander Ablaza, Co-Chair of Asia-Pacific ESCO Industrial Alliance. The technology exists so how do we connect the dots with financing EE models for existing infrastructure?

Focus on energy service companies to reduce carbon through efficiency measures

SØren Lütken, Senior Economist for UNEP tells us that installing energy efficient technology can save companies money and help finance carbon reduction. The focus is on energy service companies adopting new implementations, which can improve their financial outlook.

Energy Efficiency in appliances - the first step to carbon neutral goals

CLASP CEO, Christine Egan, says that energy efficiency is critical to carbon reduction. The first step should be to look at appliances and aim to make them more efficient to add to a sustainable industry sector.

Hearing the youth voice on carbon reduction

Nadia Gullestrup Christensen from the Danish Youth Climate Council gives a youth perspective on energy efficiency and how companies like Danfoss are listening.

Danfoss Chairman proud of making Sønderborg a shining example of energy efficiency

Jørgen Mads Clausen, Chairman Emeritus of Danfoss, is hugely proud of their involvement in making his home town, Sønderborg, the capital of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency at the heart of Chicago's climate strategy

Chief Sustainability Officer for the city of Chicago, Angela Tovar, explains how bringing industry and policy makers together can accelerate energy efficiency efforts through best practices explored at the IEA summit in Sønderborg.