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Gold Investment Insights

In this series of articles in collaboration with the World Gold Council, will showcase the role gold plays in today's world.

Gold remains the ultimate store of wealth which can help investors achieve their portfolio objectives. The World Gold Council works with the gold industry and supports the development of gold markets globally as well as promoting the case for gold to investors.

Gold and climate change: Adaptation and resilience

The findings of the Gold and climate change: Adaptation and resilience research, undertaken in collaboration with global physical design and risk consultancy Stantec.

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Gold Demand Trends Q3 2022

Healthy Q3, driven by stronger consumer and central bank buying, helped year-to-date demand recover to pre-COVID norms.

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Gold Demand Trends Q2 2022

The strict zero-COVID policy in China had a significant impact on total bar and coin investment and jewellery demand. Lockdowns imposed in several key cities and regions throughout much of Q2 meant that access to retail outlets was cut off to large swathes of consumers.

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The case for gold: Protect and build your wealth

Gold has been a proven investment for thousands of years. Why? Because gold holds its value for generations and is universally recognized as a store of wealth.

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Answering common questions about retail gold investment

Gold has historically preserved money and helped it grow, providing stability across generations. In good times, gold prices can benefit from higher demand for jewelry and electronics. In uncertain times, including when inflation is high, gold tends to perform its best. Investors often buy it for a haven. Typically, the more stocks decline, the better gold does.

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Why gold is a very different investment than cryptocurrencies

Demand for gold comes from many places. Gold is different from almost every other asset because it is used in so many ways. Investors and central banks own gold to generate returns and protect their wealth. Jewelry is a major part of gold demand. Gold is also a key component of electronic devices, from cell phones to TV sets.

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Gold Demand Trends Q1 2022

Gold market sees solid start to 2022. Q1 gold demand was 34% above Q1 2021, driven by strong ETF inflows. In a quarter that saw the US dollar gold price rise by 8%, gold demand (excluding OTC) increased 34% y-o-y to 1,234 tonnes (t) – the highest since Q4 2018 and 19% above the five-year average of 1,039t.

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Recent oil and commodity strength offers an opportunity for gold

Commodities are on a tear in 2022, driven by consumer spending, supply chain issues and most recently, tensions with Russia. Brent and WTI oil are well above $100/bbl., up more than 50%. Nickel was up over 200% at one point during the month- a move so large that the metallic value of a US $0.05 nickel was worth twice its monetary value.

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You asked – we answered: Gold surges in early March amid flight-to-quality

Gold surged past US$2,000/oz earlier this week, nearly reaching the previous 2020 record. This time, though, it was driven by continued concerns about the war in Ukraine, swelling commodity prices, and, more generally, the potential implications for the global economy. And while the gold price has come down from the week’s high, it’s still approximately 4% higher month-to-date.

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The relevance of gold as a strategic asset 2022

Gold benefits from diverse sources of demand: as an investment, a reserve asset, jewellery, and a technology component. It is highly liquid, no one’s liability, carries no credit risk, and is scarce, historically preserving its value over time.

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Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2021

Annual demand recovered across virtually all sectors – the notable exception being ETFs, which saw net annual outflows.

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Gold Outlook 2022

Gold may face similar dynamics in 2022 to those of last year, as competing forces support and curtail its performance. Near term, the gold price will likely react to real rates in response to the speed at which global central banks tighten monetary policy and their effectiveness in controlling inflation.

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Gold: the most effective commodity investment

The current global economic landscape - improving economic conditions, higher inflation and rates expectations, as well as commodity supply shortages - is good for commodities and could be even better for gold. Our analysis suggests that gold is still the most effective commodity investment in a portfolio as it continues to stand apart from the commodities complex: it deserves to be seen as a differentiated asset.

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Gold’s Role in Fighting Disease

Jewellery, bars and coins: these tend to be gold’s best-known uses. But the precious metal also plays a vital role in medicine, diagnostic testing kits and new nanotechnologies which are being trialled to tackle cancer.

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Investment Update: ECB policy may shift but its long-term effects keep gold relevant

Higher inflation across Europe in recent months has raised questions over when the European Central Bank (ECB) may begin to tighten monetary policy. While a shift to higher interest rates and lower asset purchases may create headwinds for gold investment in the region, we believe the pace of policy change will likely be slow as several risks remain.

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Gold Market Commentary - Monetary policy shifts may challenge gold

Gold fell in September amid general weakness in financial assets. This was the second consecutive month of declines, with gold now over 8% lower y-t-d. Gold wasn’t alone, however. Treasuries, corporates, US- and non-US equities all fell in September, possibly as a result of deleveraging. 

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Gold Market Commentary - Transitory or not, inflation is already impacting consumers

Gold fell marginally in August on firmer rates and ETF weakness. Geopolitical news was a focus as the US abruptly pulled its forces out of Afghanistan; now that the Taliban has assumed control of the Afghan government, there are concerns that certain global geopolitical tension – which had subsided since the 2020 US Presidential election – could be reignited.

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Gold mid-year outlook 2021: Creating opportunities from risks

Interest rates will likely remain a key driver for gold in the short and medium term. Yet, the negative impact that higher rates could bring will likely be offset by the longer-lasting effects and unintended consequences of expansionary monetary and fiscal policies created to support the global economy.

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