For the past 180 years, P&G has built brands people trust and love, enabled by a culture of innovation and based on the foundation of always doing the right thing. During this time, we have continued to address changes in how we live, do business and interact with the environment. However, our motivation has never changed—to improve the lives of the world’s consumers, in small but meaningful ways, now and for generations to come.

We know that improving consumers’ lives also means caring for the world we live in. We have been a leader in environmental sustainability for decades and continue to make strong progress. Today’s consumers expect brands to deliver a greater impact than just superior performance. Finite resources and growing consumption require businesses to step up. Being an authentic force for good is an imperative for business growth.

We want to leverage the power of our brands, supply chain, society and our employees to make responsible consumption possible. This means delighting consumers with products and services that make small but meaningful differences to everyday life, while preserving and regenerating the planet’s precious resources for tomorrow. We want our brands to make a difference for society and the environment. We believe that serving five billion people gives us the unique opportunity to promote conversations, influence attitudes, change behavior and drive positive impact for all stakeholders.

After making significant progress against the environmental goals we established in 2010, it was time to raise the bar.

We recently announced new environmental goals that we are calling Ambition 2030. These goals enable us to continue to contribute to many of the SDGs such as:
  • Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 7, with such projects as our Texas Windfarm and GA Biomass plant,
  • Responsible Consumption and Production, SDG 12, with our zero-manufacturing waste to landfill and recycling efforts,
  • Climate Change, SDG 13, with our energy conservations projects and pledges and educating consumers on the benefits of washing in quick and cold cycles, and
  • Life Below Water, SDG 14, where we are focusing finding solutions so no P&G packaging finds its way into our oceans.
We know that delivering the SDGs will require collaboration and partnerships and not something any one company can do alone. We are stepping up to do our part and will use our innovation capabilities and scale to help drive meaningful change.

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