We’re going through a period of seismic and profound change. As advances in technology surge, businesses are scrambling to adapt to new market conditions and consumer expectations. Some are succeeding, many are failing - but what sets them apart?

Research conducted by the likes of Project Management Institute (PMI) suggests that the inability to effectively manage new projects and harness the potential of disruptive technologies is hurting businesses and organisations in their attempts to keep step with radical market changes.

Founded in 1969, PMI is the leading not-for-profit professionals’ member association for the project management profession, and is using its cutting-edge research to deliver knowledge and value to almost 3 million professionals working across almost every country in the world.

In one recent study carried out by PMI, it was revealed that for every €1billion that companies invest into new projects, €99million of it is wasted through poor project management.

PMI aims to reduce this waste and improve organizational success and further mature the profession of project management by setting globally-recognised standards and providing certificates, resources, research, networking and many other tools to help professionals achieve optimum project management success.

We spoke to them to find out more about why and how they are implementing this vision.

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