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Investing is a complex and time-consuming endeavor for even the most experienced investors. Having seen many investors struggle to make sense of market movements over the years, Fisher Investments is excited to publish our insights through Reuters Plus to help put events and their impact on stocks in perspective. Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries manage billions of dollars’ worth of assets for thousands of clients across Europe and North America. We’re excited to share the knowledge we’ve gained in this time to help investors, like you, meet their goals.

Fisher Investments gets to know each client on a one-on-one basis and tailors investment plans to each individual’s goals. Our clients also benefit from having a dedicated investment counselor—an investment professional who knows them by name and regularly analyzes their objectives to ensure their strategies are aligned with their financial needs in retirement. Investments counselors’ sole focus is providing industry-leading client service—they don’t sell financial products or earn commissions on trades in clients’ accounts.

Portfolio management is handled by the firm’s Investment Policy Committee (IPC), under the leadership of Fisher Investments’ founder and legendary investor, Ken Fisher. The IPC, supported by a large research staff, analyzes global capital markets in search of investment opportunities across all sectors. Fisher Investments focuses on interpreting widely known information differently, and the firm’s against-the-grain philosophy has provided value to its clients over the decades. For more information on the impact of current events on your investment or retirement portfolio, return here regularly for Fisher Investments’ latest insights. You can also learn more about the retirement and investment planning services Fisher Investments offers by visiting

Oil and Stocks Fickle Relationship

When oil prices rise for long periods, investors often think the prolonged stress on consumers’ pocketbooks reduces spending power, thus impacting stocks negatively. In this article, we analyze the relationship between oil and stocks in-depth to see if there’s any truth behind this claim.

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Dollar-Cost Averaging Doesn’t Pay

What’s the better investing strategy for you, dollar-cost averaging—investing gradually over time— or investing a large lump sum all at once? Read this article to learn why dollar-cost averaging may not be as helpful as it may seem.

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Is America About to Declare a Currency War?

Trump’s recent tweets about the Fed seem to encourage a weaker US dollar. In this article, we explore this contentious topic as we evaluate the likelihood and potential consequences of waging a currency war.

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Stop Using Stop-Loss Orders They Don't Work!

To shelter themselves from market downturns, some investors use stop-losses. In this article, discover why stop-losses often work against—not for—investors’ long-term financial goals.

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