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Yicai Media Group, formerly branded as China Business Network, recently launched its new brand name in English as “Yicai”, which is the Pinyin abbreviation of its official Chinese name, meaning first and best in financial and business media.

Yicai Media Group, founded in July 2003, has become China’s largest financial media conglomerate, with the widest variety of media divisions, including television, newspaper, magazine, website, mobile APP, and a cluster of professional service institutes, including Yicai Data, Yicai News Agency, Yicai Research Institute and Yicai Global. Yicai provides a wide range of products and services, including media, information, video, data, conference and forum planning, think tank and etc.

  • Yicai Media Group delivers more than 2,000 items of text, videos, data and analysis to Chinese investors every day.
  • Yicai TV is the largest financial video producer in Chinese-speaking world with one cable channel, one digital channel and online streaming.
  • China Business News ranks No.1 in readership among financial newspapers.
  • CBN weekly is the most circulated financial magazine in China.
  • Yicai has launched multiple digital products and mobile apps, reaching 15 million downloads.
  • Yicai New Media Tech was founded under strategic partnership between Yicai and Alibaba to lead the new media revolution in Data Technology era.
  • Yicai employs a team of 1,000 journalists and professionals specializing in finance and economics. Yicai runs over 10 overseas stations, sending real-time financial and economic news coverage back to the headquarter from New York, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Washington and other journalist stations around the world.
  • Yicai has launched its English-language news stream known as Yicai Global, elaborating on China’s issues for the world.

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