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Brandker Founder Matthew Chong Champions Brandpreneurship

Brandker Founder Matthew Chong Champions Brandpreneurship

Thu Nov 16, 2017 - 02:15am UTC

Matthew Chong, Founder & Group CEO of Brandker is championing the ambitious ideology of Brandpreneurship as Brandker’s ultimate goal for the future.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 15, 2017

Matthew Chong will outline his ambitious new vision for Brandker at an event in Kuala Lumpur on November 18th, championing what he calls “Brandpreneurship”. This bold new ideology is designed to empower entrepreneurs to master branding and technology to deliver a socially driven purpose. This new paradigm has been created by investigating the shifting trends in business, and identifying the key difference makers between success and failure in 21st century business.

Branding is the most powerful foundation of a business’ strategy, because it enables them to create a positive legacy. Each individual success then counts toward a greater whole, which makes launching new products and services easier over time. Branding is a flag that followers can band together under – flags like Apple, Google, and Coca-cola collect not just products, but ideas and emotions.

The next essential tool for success in business is technology – tech-savvy businesses are disrupting every industry, and carving out swathes of market share from under those still working in the 20th century model. Individuals who can’t adapt in this way will be left behind.

Entrepreneurs have the power to make a positive difference in the world through business, and followers will rally behind businesses with a socially-driven purpose. Profit is important to shareholders, but delivering real value is equally as important to retain customers. By making a brand purpose driven, businesses also make it easier to pivot and branch out in response to changes in the market.

Combining these three elements creates a new way to do business: Brandpreneurship™.

Brandker already works with traditional SMEs in southeast asia to move towards digitisation & globalisation through their Business Digital Transformation (BDT) programme. Interested parties can find out more about both the program and Brandpreneurship when Matthew speaks at the event on Saturday, with tickets available here.

Matthew Chong has never failed in his ambition to outsize the Brandker ideology to have an impact in the real world. His ultimate goal to build Monotot City – The City Of Arts & Technology, in the highlands of Malaysia. The city aims to be ASEAN’s future Arts & Tech Hub, elevating Malaysia’s name in the global arena. Entrepreneurship, education, arts and technology will come together with prestigious institutions working alongside businesses and infrastructure to create a thriving, global hub.

To this end, Matthew Chong has already created the Brandker Academy to provide a branding and business school, and the Brandker consultancy itself, which aims to ‘redefine brands’ by providing strategic, creative and digital marketing services to SMEs.

These are augmented by two different investment strands: the Business Digital Transformation model, and the Tech Startup Mentorship programme.

The company already has 5 portfolios, including a Travel App, Business Matching app, e-commerce businesses, motorbike and push-bike leasing portals. Their aim is to have a 100-startup portfolio, and to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in the US with a value of RM1 billion, by 2023.

When asked about Brandpreneurship, Matthew explained, “In the future, every Entrepreneur will be a Brandpreneur™. A Brandpreneur™ is equipped with branding and technological skillsets in running
his or her business, at the same time driven by a social purpose. At the upcoming event, I will describe what it means to be a Brandpreneur™ in detail, and share the new ways of working that will open the door to unparalleled success for SME’s in the future.”

About Brandker: Brandker is a Global Tech Investment Group, focusing on Education, Consultancy and Investment for Tech Startups, as well as helping Traditional Businesses transform to Digital for further growth in Asian Markets. Brandker believes in creating value for the world through entrepreneurship. They accelerate growth and provide support to passionate business owners through education & investment. Their aim is to empower entrepreneurs to achieve international brand success. For more information please visit: For more information please visit:

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